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The Cadre Singers is a non professional male choir of Finnish service officers, either in active service or in retirement. Singing tradition in choir among Finnish service officers is more than 200 years old and derives its origin from Haapaniemi Military Academy, founded 1779 , the first in line in Scandinavia.
All singers have had the same regular officer education at Military or Naval Academy in Finland and have made their career in The Finnish Defence Forces. They share the same patriotic values and traditions.
Singing is their hobby and most of them already sang in The Cadet Choir as an officer cadet at Military Academy. The music of this chorus wells forth from the patriotic spirit, from the respect for the generation who fougt the defencive wars for Finland, from the brotherhood among fellow officers and from the old chevalier and officer devotion and tradition.
Since its foundation in 1994 The Cadre Singers was conducted by Mr Urpo Jokinen (1920-2007), a nationally noted music teacher and composer. He was a veteran of Finnish Defencive Wars in 1939 -1944. The present conductor is Lieutenant Colonel (Cavalry, Rtd) Matti Orlamo. He graduated at the Finnish Military Academy in 1973. Beside his career as a regular officer he studied choir conduction at Klemetti Institute of Music in Helsinki.
The Cadre Singers performs in some 20-30 events annually and gives traditional Spring and Autumn concerts in Helsinki. In addition to domestic events the Choir has made concert tours also abroad..
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